IRMAS Instrument Dataset

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Audio files: 6705 audio files in 16 bit stereo wav format sampled at 44.1kHz. They are excerpts of 3 seconds from more than 2000 distinct recordings.

Annotations: The annotation of the predominant instrument of each excerpt is both in the name of the containing folder, and in the file name: cello (cel), clarinet (cla), flute (flu), acoustic guitar (gac), electric guitar (gel), organ (org), piano (pia), saxophone (sax), trumpet (tru), violin (vio), and human singing voice (voi). The number of files per instrument are: cel(388), cla(505), flu(451), gac(637), gel(760), org(682), pia(721), sax(626), tru(577), vio(580), voi(778).

Additionally, some of the files have annotation in the filename regarding the presence ([dru]) or non presence([nod]) of drums, and the musical genre: country-folk ([cou_fol]), classical ([cla]), pop-rock ([pop-roc]), latin-soul ([lat-sou]).

These data include music from the actual and various decades from the past century, thus differing in audio quality to a great extent. It further covers a great variability in the musical instrument types, performers, articulations, as well as general recording and production styles. In addition, we tried to maximize the distribution spread of musical genres inside the collection to prevent the extraction of information related to genre characteristics. Two students were paid to obtain the data for 11 pitched instruments from the pre-selected music tracks, with the objective of extracting excerpts containing a continuous presence of a single predominant target instrument. Hence, assigning more than one instrument to a given excerpt was not allowed.


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